Dear Supporters

Walton and Hersham FC 2013/14 – This is your Football Club – From Paul Martyn-Jones

Dear all supporters of Walton and Hersham FC
Over the next month we will be structuring the football club to safeguard its future both on and off the pitch. We have our first committee meeting for the new season scheduled for Thursday 30th May at the club house, 7.30pm start. I would like to invite any supporters along, who would like to contribute on the evening and/or become a member of the clubs committee going forward.
We have some wonderful people already on the committee, Merv, Mark, JC, Adam, Mike, Mike who are firstly supporters of Walton and Hersham FC and want to help the club on and off the pitch. We do however need to increase numbers, which is essential to improve and help the club in the future. I hope this may be of interest. All that is required is a little time and a little understanding.
Following the committee meeting we will be able to confirm our clubs structure for the forthcoming season, pre season friendlies and also hopefully confirm who the successful candidate for the position of first team manager is.

Last season was eventful, but I hope that by the end of it you could see how the club progressed into a football club, with players who supporters can associate with, coming through our reserve and youth teams. Yes there was a steep learning curve for all; however this will only see us well into the future.
I certainly was very proud to be the Walton and Hersham FC manager and I would personally like to thank all of you for your support during the season and of course Alan for giving me the opportunity to be the manager. Unfortunately due to a change in my work schedule/commitments, I found it very difficult to dedicate the time needed for this role. I would also like to thank Adam Bessent and Ross Davidson for their help during the turn of the year, especially Adam who sorted a lot out for me.
I have gratefully taken up a new role in the club as Vice Chairman, it would have been easy after four years at the club to say I’ve done my bit and walk away (especially with all my work commitments), however I personally now care a great deal for the club, the players, the people involved at the club and of course the supporters. The council needs to be fought; our teams need to be playing the right football in the right way and with players who care for the club. I want to bring all supporters, players, committee members, families and football partnerships together to make a strong and united Walton and Hersham football family. I hope you can support this the same way you supported me as your football manager.

Thank you and I hope to see you at the meeting and during the games.

Kind Regards