Spelthorne Sports 0 Swans 5

Four second-half goals finally gave Swans a convincing win just north of the river.

Ben Hammond’s lob from the right after 38 minutes had made it 1-0 at the break before two goals from Will Turl in the 49th and 54th minutes made it 3-0. Aussie trialist Anthony Ruston scored Swans’ fourth goal four minures from time before Greg Ngeno’s fine strike made it 5-0 in stoppage-time.

Team: Del Lewis, Courtney Warren (trialist 45′), John Clark, Steve Betancourt (Moshood Olafunmishe 45′), Chris Grayland (Greg Ngeno 45′), Mark McLeod (Kabuye 74′), Arafat Kabuye (Rees Longville-Daley 45′), James McShane (Hammond 74′), Will Turl (Nunn 74′), Ben Hammond (Anthony Ruston 45′), Ross Nunn (Joseph Kiberu 45′).