20 Questions: Darren Simpson

In these uncertain times, we bring you the next player to answer the 20 Questions. Up steps our talented midfielder, Darren Simpson:

1.           What is your day job?

Football Coach

2.           Which 3 guests would you invite for dinner?

Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard & Walter Smith

3.           Where are you headed straight to, when the country is back 100% unrestricted?

Viper Rooms

4.           Which team do you support?


5.           Who is your all-time football idol?

Barry Ferguson

6.           If England are knocked out of the World Cup, who do you adopt?

Scotland but they never get there so probably Spain

7.           Who is winning the Premier League this season?


8.           Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


9.           What is your all-time favourite movie/tv series?

The Wolf of Wall Street

10.        What is your all-time favourite song?

Blem by Drake

And on Walton & Hersham FC…

11.        What has been your favourite moment so far as a Swan?

The 6-1 win away at Steyning Town

12.        Do you have a pre-match meal? And if so, what is it?

Yeah I always try to get a Nando’s before a game

13.        What is the best goal you’ve seen this season for the Swans?

The 5th goal against Chessington because it shows what we are all about as a team – passing and moving

14.        Which ground was your favourite to play at, and which was the worst?

My favourite is Rangers’ stadium, the Ibrox. The worst is probably Fleet Spurs.

15.        What do you want to achieve by the end of the season?

Definitely aiming to win the league and get as far as possible in the FA Vase

16.        Who is the joker of the team?

Probably Hicksy for his one liners

17.        Who is the most serious in the team?

Max Hustwick by a mile

18.        Name a player you would recommend to Scott.

Would have said Dylan Randall but we managed to get him

19.        Name one thing you would like to see in the dressing room.

Nothing at the moment – would just like Mo the Physio to bring his massage gun with full charge 😉

20.        Which teammate would you least like to share a room with?

Definitely Sean – I sit next to him in the changing room and that’s enough

Thanks Darren, and a big shoutout goes to Carl Saunders Fencing Ltd for sponsoring him this season!

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