20 Questions: Sean McCormack

To fill some of the time in the second national lockdown, we introduce our new rolling series of player interviews. Each player will answer 20 questions, half about themselves and half about the club. First up – dead ball wizard Sean McCormack

1.What is your day job?

Recruitment Consultant

2. Which 3 guests would you invite for dinner?

Leonardo Di Caprio, Margot Robbie, Alexandra Daddario

3. Where are you headed straight to, when the country is back 100% unrestricted?

Dubai (We hope in the off-season Sean!)

4. Which team do you support?


5. Who is your all-time football idol?

Thierry Henry

6. If England are knocked out of the World Cup, who do you adopt?


7. Who is winning the premier league this season?


8. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


9. What is your all-time favourite movie/tv series?

Step Brothers or The Wolf of Wall Street

10. What is your all-time favourite song?

Married to the Game by Future

And on Walton & Hersham FC…

11. What has been your favourite moment so far as a Swan?

Probably the free kick I scored against Westside – it was a tough game so it was nice to chip in with a goal (And what a goal it was – it can be found on the Walton Instagram and twitter)

12. Do you have a pre-match meal? And if so, what is it?

Normally I’ll have poached eggs on toast and some Weetabix. If it’s an evening game I’ll have pasta

13. What is the best goal you’ve seen this season for the Swans?

I think that’s too difficult to choose, there have been lots of great goals so far!

14. Which ground was your favourite to play at, and which was the worst?

My favourite ground is the Ricoh Arena – Coventry’s old ground. But the worst ground I’ve played at is definitely Fleet Spurs where we played this season – the less said the better (The Swans were frustrated in a 0-0 stalemate in September)

15. What do you want to achieve by the end of the season?

Win the league and the FA Vase

16. Who is the joker of the team?

I’d like to think myself!

17. Who is the most serious in the team?

Max Hustwick

18. Name a player you would recommend to Scott.

James Taylor

19. Name one thing you would like to see in the dressing room.

A fine wheel!

20. Which teammate would you least like to share a room with?

Dan Taylor

And a massive thank you to those who have chosen to sponsor Sean this season: Hugh Rawlinson

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