A Conversation with Eddie Simon: Jersey Madness, Settling In & Background

Two games. 4 goals, 3 assists. Those 2 against Jersey. We sat down with the most recent addition to our team, Eddie Simon, to talk about his crazy start at the club.

Tom Bradbury: First of all, Eddie, many congratulations on your whirlwind start for the Swans. How do you feel after making such an impact in your first two games for the club?

Eddie Simon: It’s been a brilliant couple of weeks and I couldn’t have really hoped for a better start to it all to be honest. Thankfully I’ve been able to provide goal contributions to both games which I’m obviously very happy about and hopefully there will be plenty more of those to come. It’s definitely been a good start looking back on it – a convincing win against Fleet Town and being the first team to come away with a point in Jersey.

Those last 10 minutes of the Jersey game were really something special. Not only was it vital for our season but also saved the weekend for us. We looked down and out at 4-1 with 5 minutes to go but we never gave up and that equaliser was the best feeling I’ve had for a very long time on a football pitch. You could see how much it meant for us to get ourselves a point from the position we were in.

TB: The game was extraordinary to watch and the way in which the Swans fought to the end was so inspiring – there’s no doubt it certainly made the weekend of travelling worth it for everyone who went. Away from the actual result, what was your favourite part of the trip overall?

ES: It was a really good weekend with the team. My favourite part of the trip was the few travelling fans singing their hearts out in the bar after the game. They’d come a long way to support us and was nice to see that we had given them something to sing about. The atmosphere back at the team hotel was a highlight for me as well with the songs and chants going off – everyone was in really high spirits!

TB: I’m sure it was the perfect occasion to get to know your teammates more as well. Since you’ve joined, how have you settled with the players and coaching staff?

ES: All the coaching staff and teammates have been very welcoming to me since I joined which has made it much easier to settle in. Both training sessions we’ve had have been really high tempo and competitive. I’ve already picked up lots of bits and pieces which will help to improve me as a player. The facilities at the Hub are also really nice and I’m looking forward to my first home game there.

TB: I spoke to Bill a few weeks ago, in which he gave some interesting insights about his approach to training. How has it been coming into the side and adapting your game to what Scott and Bill want to do?

ED: It’s always hard coming into a side who are flying at the top of the league because everyone has set such high standards for the club so far this season and it’s important to come in and not let those levels drop. But speaking to Scott before-hand meant that I knew the style of play here would compliment the way I play. I’m someone who likes to be on the ball and it’s clear to see that our intention is to pass through the lines and be in control of the ball throughout the games.

Naturally, there are things which haven’t quite clicked in to place perfectly yet, as you would expect coming into a new team and trying to figure out how your teammates like to play. Scott and Bill have been great at giving me little tips on how I need to improve certain aspects so we can be more effective as a team.

TB: It’s been an unreal start for you despite not being here for long, so I imagine things will become almost telepathic with the other players as the season progresses. What was your football background before coming in?

ES: I’ve most recently been at British Airways for the last 3 years, who were in the same league as the Swans for a few years before the promotion. Before that I was in Liverpool playing for the University of Liverpool First Team and Mossley Hill FC. I’ve spent most of my men’s football playing for FC Assyria in the Middlesex County League and as a kid came through the Brentford development centre.

TB: We’d also like to hear about you personally. So away from football, what are you up to at the moment?

Well, I had been studying in Liverpool for the last 5 years but since moving back down to London I’m working full time as a Dentist. Between Dentistry and my obsession with anything football there isn’t much time for anything else too exciting! I also run an Assyrian Church community football team with my Dad and I have recently got engaged as well so the wedding planning is also taking up lots of my spare time at the moment.

TB: That’s great to hear and congratulations with your engagement! Let’s hope the wedding isn’t scheduled on a crunch matchday, eh! And finally, have you got a message for the Swans supporters?

ES: Although I’ve only met a few of them so far through the two away games I want to thank them for the nice welcome I’ve received and kind words. I’m really looking forward to getting started at the home pitch and to play in front of the home crowd. Hopefully we’ll achieve something special together this season and onwards.

Up the Swans! 🦢

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